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About Essirium

Essirium is a small business located in Newnan, Georgia offering skin care products for men and women of all skin tones and skin types. Products are blended into the perfect formulations for various skin needs. Each one is made in small batches (50-100 bottles or jars at a time) and contain all natural ingredients with NO synthetic additives. There are so many uses for Essirium products - you will be amazed!

The use of essential oils are healing, therapeutic and aromatically pleasing. Essential oils for the ‘Essirium Blend’ are purchased with certification of each oil’s authenticity and purity. So rest assured that Essirium has chosen ingredient brands have been thoroughly researched. You are receiving all natural products for your skin needs.

Essirium products are safe for ages 12 and up. For use of products under age 12, be sure products are labeled ‘Child Safe’. 

Essirium's Beginning

Our Story


It all started with a personal challenge to create a pain and inflammation serum to avoid neck surgery. With great success, Essirum Extra Strength was born. Further studies of these oils revealed that each oil is healing with beneficial properties for a multitude of skin uses. This was the start of Essirum's product line.

Our Philosophy

Essirium's Mission


Our mission is to deliver all natural skin care products that can help maintain healthy skin for both men and women, staying true to the integrity of the 'Essirium Blend'

Essirium's Purpose


It doesn't matter your skin type nor your gender. Essirium products are developed and created with you in mind! All products are hand blended and contain Essirium's seven key ingredients - the 'Essirium Blend'.

Essirium's Vision


Essirium is passionate about delivering quality products with exceptional customer service and old-fashioned principles while striving to 'keep it pure and simple' in all Essirium products.

Our Values​

Essirium Quality


We use high quality essential oils that are certified for authenticity and purity.

Essirium Honesty


Essirium values its pure and natural products. Made by us, in-house, for you.

Essirium All Natural

All Natural

Essirium products are made with all natural ingredients.

About the Founder

Tricia Williamson spent over 30 years in various professional roles supporting senior management teams - from small business to global manufacturing and corporate companies. Throughout her career, she had the privilege of learning every aspect of business, product life cycles, logistics and more.


She also spent decades suffering from chronic headaches and excruciating head and neck pain. She spent years researching, studying and developing natural essential oil products that could help with ailments like inflammation, sore muscles, arthritis and numerous skin issues like acne. This is when she took a leap of faith and created her own pain relief serum. Her studies of natural plants and herbs brought her to the realization of what her purpose is in life.


In September 2022, Tricia launched a new company called Essirium, a pure and natural essential oil skin care line that offers a unique, healthy skin care experience for both men and women of all skin types. Her focus is on promoting Essirium products, educating people about the power of essential oils and safe use of essential oils. Tricia is diligent about discovering a more holistic approach for using natural, topical products on the skin. Today, she continues to develop and add new skin care products to the Essirium product line. She stays true to ensuring all formulations are natural and include the ‘Essirium Blend’.


Apart from developing healing essential oils, Tricia’s mission and future company vision is to help people find stability by teaching them a business trade that they can apply to any business in life. She is a wife, mother and grandmother of five. She enjoys spending time with family, gardening and the great outdoors. Tricia enjoys creating hand crafted gifts.

Essirium Founder | Tricia Williamson

Tricia Williamson

President and Founder

Essirium LLC

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