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Essirium offers a unique, luxurious healthy skin care
experience for both men and women of all skin types.

You will see and feel a difference in your skin with the very first use.

About Essirium

Essirium is a small business located in Newnan, Georgia and launched in September 2022. Here you can find skincare products for both men and women that are formulated in small batches in-house using all natural ingredients, free from additives and adulterants.

It doesn't matter your skin type nor your gender. Essirium products are developed and created with you in mind! All products are hand blended using Essirium's seven key ingredients, known as the 'Essirium Blend'.


Our mission is to deliver all natural skin care products that can help maintain healthy skin for both men and women, staying true to the integrity of the 'Essirium Blend'.




Essirium is passionate about delivering quality products with exceptional customer service and old-fashioned principles while striving to 'keep it pure and simple' in all Essirium products.



It all started with a personal challenge to create a pain and inflammation serum to avoid neck surgery. With great success, Essirum Extra Strength was born. Further studies of these oils revealed that each oil is healing with beneficial properties for a multitude of skin uses. This was the start of Essirum's product line.

Today, Essirium is making its way throughout the United States in stores, online and through wholesale.

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